ATMOS 5130

Atmospheric Thermodynamics


Instructor: Tim Garrett

Location: WBB 820

Hours: MWF, 10:45 - 11:35

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At the heart of thermodynamics are inviolable principles that can (and must) be used as the foundation for understanding any physical problem in the universe. It sounds grandiose, of course. But if you can develop an intuition for thermodynamics, then you have a basis for feeling comfortable about what has to be true and what cannot be true. This class will use the atmosphere as the basis for understanding more general thermodynamic principles, by focusing on gases, phase changes and the role of the second law in atmospheric circulations.

Instructor: Tim Garrett WBB 819 (Tel: 581-5768, email:

Room: WBB 820

Hours: MWF 10:45-11:25

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Text: Wallace and Hobbs Atmospheric Science 2nd Ed

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