How to Support Snowflake Photography and Science


Aggregate snowflakes photographed at  Alta Ski Area

Continued photography and snowflake science at Alta Ski Area requires financial support. The National Science Foundation has generously supported field operations through April 2013, but funds are required to continue a live feed of snowflakes in freefall from the Snowflake Showcase. Our goals are to:
Deploy the Multi-Angle Snowflake Camera at Alta and to continue operation of a live feed of snowflakes falling at Alta through the Snowflake Showcase
Develop a smartphone app that displays the live feed, along with multiple angle views of each snowflake and fallspeed information
Improve the MASC lighting system so that each image has improved quality and depth of field
Upgrade two of the MASC cameras from 1.2MP to 5MP, increasing the image detail by 3-fold

Become part of the Snowflake Showcase Team! Please be sure to specify the donation is for the Snowflake Science Fund in the Department of Atmospheric Sciences. Donations are tax deductible through the University of Utah Development office. All donors will be the first to receive the Snowflake Showcase smartphone app. To know more, please contact Tim Garrett. http://www.alta.comhttp://www.nsf.gov