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Jonathan Rutz

Jon Jonathan J. Rutz

Research/Development Meteorologist
Science and Technology Infusion Division
Western Region Headquarters
National Weather Service

Research Affiliations:

Department of Atmospheric Sciences, University of Utah

Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes (CW3E)

Curriculum Vitae (CV): [PDF]

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I work for the National Weather Service (NWS) at Western Region HQ, and am located within the Science and Technology Infusion Division. Our division provides scientific support and guidance to field office operations, and my primary roles are in research and development.

Broadly speaking, my research aims to quantify and improve the predictability of high-impact weather events over the western U.S., and my focus is on cool-season precipitation. Please go here for a more detailed description of my research interests, or here for a listing of my publications.

In terms of development, I lead the Western Region road weather project, which provides NWS personnel with access to road weather forecasts at over 500 RWIS locations in the western U.S. We use a road surface model that predicts road surface temperatures and conditions based on a given point forecast, site metadata, and past observations. The output is very useful in differentiating between precipitation that will freeze or melt on the road surface, and is used frequently by our forecasters to enhance existing NWS products. Please go here for a relevant journal article.