Forecast Practicum

The Atmos 5010 forecast practicum involves the production of sensible weather forecasts for Salt Lake City International Airport (KSLC), a floater site determined each morning prior to class.

A 16 variable sensible weather forecast is produced in three categories: temperature, precipitation, and cloud/wind. Results in each category are normalized and an overall score is generated based on the normalized temperature score + the normalized precipitaiton score + 50% of the normalized cloud/wind score. The lower the normalized score, the better, just like golf.

Many students initially find the forecasting of a large number of variables in a short period of time rather difficult. Time management is crucial, as is spending time outside of class examining daily weather situations and validating forecasts. After a few forecasts, most students are able to manage their time wisely and put together a quality forecast.

Instructions and Scoring Information

Daily Forecast Daily Results Overall Results Additional Information