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Welcome to the Mountain Met Group at the University of Utah!

Cloudy cold pool in the Salt Lake Valley viewed from Hidden Peak

The Mountain Meteorology Group at the University of Utah studies the effects of mountains on weather and climate. Our mission is to foster an interdisciplinary research and educational program aimed at improving understanding and prediction of weather and climate processes in regions of complex terrain, with particular attention to ecological, water resource and air quality issues facing the increasingly urbanized western United States. [Read More]

The resources of the mountain meteorology group are available on this site. Please look around, and check out our Research page for more information about our projects and areas of study. Projects within the group provide both graduate and undergraduate research opportunities.


Find out about our faculty, staff and students. Learn about who we are and what we are doing.


Links and information about what projects have been completed, which projects are ongoing and our areas of interest.


Learn about our classrooms, labs, resources, and meterological instrumentation facilities

Mountain Meteorology Fund

Donations and scholarships for mountain metetorology education
The Mountain Meteorology Group in San Diego, CA. August 2014 Mountain Meteorology Group, August 2012, Steamboat Springs, CO
WRF simulated canyon exit jets for Weber, Ogden and North Ogden canyons, Utah Mountain Meteorology Group, September 2011
A tethersonde hovers over Weber Canyon, Utah Mountain Meteorology Group, September 2011
Great Salt Lake-Effect snow viewed from the Antelope Island causeway Mountain Meteorology Group, September 2011
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